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FLOWERS - The Back Garden (Annuals)

closeup red Mexican shellflower (tigridia) double pink poppies and green seedheads (papaver somniferum) dinnerplate dahlia 'Seattle'
bouquet of cactus dahlia 'Flaming Bird', dinnerplate dahlia 'Duet', burghundy gladiolus and yellow nasturtium row of dwarf yellow 'Pacino' sunflowers alt=
dwarf yellow 'Pacino' sunflower fuchsia 'Pink Galore' red Mexican shellflower (tigridia)
newly opening cactus dahlia 'Flaming Bird' cactus dahlia 'Flaming Bird' cactus dahlia 'Flaming Bird'
double pink poppy (papaver somniferum) extreme closeup, yellow Mexican shellflower (tigridia) tagetes tenuifolia (marigolds)
red morning glory 'Crimson Rambler' bright blue delphinium and orange gladiolus gladiolus 'White Prosperity'

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